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When doctors are disabled

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Like everyone else, physicians (and other professionals) may get seriously injured or come down with career-ending diseases.

The difference is, professionals suffer greater economic losses when they go down than most people. They have invested heavily in their ability to practice, in years of expensive study, and arduous preparation.

For this reason, many seek special protection in the event they are injured or become sick. Because so much is at stake, doctors and others pay sky-high premiums for professional disability insurance. They pay for this coverage out of their own pockets.

Too often, insurance companies rake in the premiums, then refuse to pay out the benefits. This is a classic example of insurance bad faith, of the most extreme sort. In addition to denying claims, they commonly delay claims for lengthy periods of time or offer benefits that fall short of what was promised.

It is horrifying when the worst thing happens - a professional suffers a disabling injury - and the insurance company turns its back on them. Delays and wrongful denials can wreck a professional's future. It is not unusual for talented, skilled professionals to lose their homes, or see their marriages fall apart.

The list of career-ending disabilities is long, including a wide range of afflictions and injuries: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, quadriplegia, carpal tunnel, treatment-resistant depression, burns, amputations, multiple myeloma, and gun injuries.

Not every injury or illness is career-ending - but many are. And they strike down every kind of self-insured professional person - physicians, surgeons, dental specialists, orthodontists, business owners, executives and attorneys.

What to do when your insurance carrier denies your claim

When your legitimate claim for benefits is denied or ignored, and significant sums are at stake, you need a long-term disability insurance attorney who has experience in this niche field.

Wronged insureds may demand damages including pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, damage to credit reputation, and for other injuries and damages.

In many cases, the court may order the insurer to pay your attorneys' fees. Punitive damages may be awarded when the insurance company shows malice or a disregard for you, the policyholder.

The law firm of Steve German, A Law Firm, has been a pioneer in protecting professionals against long term disability insurance bad faith for many years. Call an experienced disability insurance lawyer to learn how you may obtain the benefits you paid for.

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